Orchard Hills Pre-School

122 Bringelly Road,

Orchard Hills 2748

Phone: 02 4736 1350

Hours of Operation

7.30 am to 5.30 pm Monday to Friday


3 Year Accredited

Child Care Benefits Available

Orchard Hills Pre-School is a pre-school that stays open longer hours to accommodate the various needs of individual families.

We only close on Public Holidays and 4 weeks at Christmas.


At Orchard Hills Pre-School we endeavor to ensure that the environment of the centre always has warm, friendly, inviting, non-threatening atmosphere that is free from bias in any shape or form. Orchard Hills Pre-School also endeavors to ensure that all staff, both now and in future, are warm and friendly and have a genuine interest for all the children and families enrolled at the centre, and form their opinions of the character within the individual, rather then forming opinions portrayed by some sects of the community. It is the firm belief of this centre that all individuals are created equal and that all individuals have the right to live their lives according to their beliefs without prejudice or ridicule from members of the community who choose to be less tolerant of the differences that make everyone special.

Through comprehensive polices we aim to provide:

* a happy, safe, secure, stimulating and unbias environment for children parents and staff.

* a sound stepping stone for the transition from home to school in which each child can develop to their fullest potential.

* the opportunities for children to develop a positive self esteem that encourages self-reliance, and a strong sense of self worth.

* encouragement and education that help children develop a healthy lifestyle attitude, which includes good hygiene and nutrition habits.

* the opportunity for children to behave in a socially responsible and acceptable manner.

* encouragement for all children to participate in all facets of the pre-school environment so that their choices in later life are based on education and experience.

* the charting of each child's developmental ability and progress through a combination of developmental checklists and observations from check planned individual activities are set and evaluated.

* time each day to talk informally with parents about issues of concern or interest. We also include in the program any ideas or suggestions parents may volunteer. We also inform all parents about the activities at Pre-School, by the use of noticeboards, information notes, and newsletters.



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