1. What is childcarerersources.com.au?

It is a web site designed as a hub for childcare professionals that can be accessed by parents.

2. How will it help childcare providers?

It has links to Government Departments, Associations, Resource Providers, Suppliers, Entertainers.

3. How will it help parents?

It will provide information about prospective childcare centres ( including photo's). Parents will also be able to take advantage of the Supplier , Entertainment , Government links and find that holiday they have been looking for.

4. Who is behind childcareresources.com.au?

This site is owned by Kurrawood (Aust) Pty Ltd who's Directors have been supplying computers and software to the childcare industry ( and other educational institutions) since 1983..

5. Does our Centre need access to the Internet for childcareresources.com.au?

You do not need to have access to have your centre advertised on the site, but you will need access to if you wish to take advantage of all the site has to offer.

6. What other services does childcareresources.com.au offer?

We can turn your simple one page brochure into a complete web site, including your policies, and other information that parents find valuable.

7. What guarantee do we have that our site will be advertised?

We guarantee to ring you to tell you that your page is on the internet BEFORE WE BANK YOUR PAYMENT!!

8. What do I need to be part of childcareresources.com?

a. Write about 300 words describing your centre.

b. Enclose up to 3 photos and your logo.


Helpful Hint.

How about getting a local business (up to 4 of them) to sponsor your page on the internet - we will even put in a link to THEIR page if they have one!!!!